Leather Tips

Buy the leather from a well-known store. Usually leather-only clothes are more specialized and experienced with the skin.

Check the quality, the seam and the smell of the leather as much as possible.

Always keep the clothes in a cool and ventilated place and not in light and sun.

Usually the storage should be in a place that has no form of moisture, because the skin as a living organism can mold. It is also recommended that if there is no fabric case that is given when you buy, to leave the leather garment without placing it in a plastic packaging bag.

Avoid getting the leather wet if this happens, let it air dry on its own. Do not put it near a fire or on a radiator. Also avoid ironing at home.

Suede - castor to not get dirty on the collar from sweat and body fat, it is good to have a small collar accessory, which is easily changed or to wear a neck scarf.

Napa (ie smooth skin) is cleaned locally with a damp cloth (for any stains such as dust - mud or even sauce) with a facial cleansing lotion.

The leather ones when we clean or paint them do not return to their original state, for this reason the cleaning or painting process should be done in moderation as often as possible in thinner intervals and always with the advice of the store where the purchase was made, or an experienced laundry.

Any minor problems (tearing, lining buttons, zippers, etc.) are dealt with by the store where you buy it, either for free or at a small cost. Never use glue (uhu type) because the skin burns. Whatever problem you may have with your leather, the quickest and most effective solution is to take it to a specialized store and there you will decide together how to deal with the damage you have. We will be happy to help you with anything you may need.

We undertake repairs of leather for men - women as well as furs